We are a small family company, on the market since 2011. The company includes 6 persons.

We specialize in exact mechanical engineering production. The production shall be in accordance with the drawing documentation for piece or serial CNC production. Flat and contour milling, drilling, metal working of internal and external surfaces by splintering.
We produce tools, preparations, segments, moulds, which are designed from single-purpose machines, through food to automotive.
The size of the machined part for 3-axis processing is max. 1200mm.
The size of the machined part for 5-axis processing is max.   500mm.

CAD/CAM modeling for CNC milling is commonplace.
The machine park consists of two 3-axis cnc milling centers and one 5-axis milling center.  If necessary, we will supply a protocol from 3D measurements of the parts made. The 3D measurement protocol can serve as a guarantee of compliance with the quality of production.
Spracovávame materiály, ako je: hliník, oceľ, nerez, plast, železo, mosadz, meď, POM, …..
We purchase the material in accordance with the standards of the STN series accompanied by an atest.
We meet and adhere to all production quality standards and guarantee quality.
We regularly invest in new technologies, special milling accessories for machining as well as measurement.

We work in cooperation of local companies for companies such as:
Bosch, Philips, CEMAS,…..

Karel Neuner - owner, founder

Zuzana Neunerová - administration, business, marketing